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The educational model in place at FMUL, based on wide knowledge-integrating areas and student-centered programmes, includes a strong component of premature exposure and practical connection to Clinical Medicine.

It promotes individual commitment and creativity among students, and offers optional activities that particularly emphasise the conduction of scientific research projects by students and clinical activities at the Santa Maria Hospital and affiliated institutions.

The close cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon – a medical school – the North Lisbon Hospital Centre – a healthcare institution – and the Institute of Molecular Medicine – a biomedical research institute – gives post-graduation activities a unique technical and scientific dimension, which benefits greatly from this interinstitutional collaboration.

This way, FMUL invests in advanced, lifelong training, and the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Lisbon provides future postgraduate students with unique training solutions, in an integrated approach that combines teaching and research.

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