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FMUL’s current Structural Units include University Clinics, Institutes, Laboratories, Autonomous Disciplinary Areas and Autonomous Research Units.

FMUL’s structural units are under the coordination of a Director, preferably someone with a university career.
The appointment of the Head of each structural unit is incumbent upon FMUL’s Director, following a proposal from the Scientific Board, after the approval of a business plan, and the term of office is of three years, renewable.
For units located in affiliated Institutions, the appointment of the Head of Unit is the responsibility of the respective institution, and FMUL may recognise that Head of Unit’s academic merit, under the law.

The Heads of FMUL’s Structural Units shall have the following responsibilities:
a) To ensure the teaching of the respective scientific area;
b) To foster scientific research;
c) To coordinate their action with FMUL’s scientific and pedagogical strategy;
d) To manage the human resources and materials allocated to the unit;
e) To promote the provision of services and ensure their management in compliance with current legislation.

The Head of each structural unit shall submit to FMUL’s Director an annual report on the activities carried out in the educational and research components.

For the purpose of the strategic coordination of teaching and research, FMUL’s Structural Units can be associated into Pedagogical Areas, according to the educational organisation model adopted for the Integrated Masters Course in Medicine.
Pedagogical Areas shall be headed by an Educational Area Coordinator, who is appointed by FMUL’s Director from among the Lecturers, subject to the opinion of the Scientific Board, the Pedagogical Board and the Heads of the respective Structural Units.
This appointment is valid for three years and may be terminated at any time, via a reasoned opinion from two thirds of the Heads of Structural Units that constitute the Pedagogical Area, submitted to the Scientific Board and approved by the Director of FMUL.

The Director of FMUL, without the need for revising FMUL’s By-Laws, shall decide on the creation, transformation and dissolution of Structural Units, following a proposal from the Scientific Board.

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