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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL), the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) and the University Hospital of Santa Maria (HSM-CHLN) have recently created the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre (CAML) (Order no. 1371/2009 of 27 October), a consortium that aims at promoting an academic perspective and excellence in clinical practice and the modernisation and development of research, medical training and innovation in health sciences. CAML aims at ensuring the necessary compatibility between medical education and research and the development of the healthcare mission, thus renewing the concept behind a university hospital.

Within the scope of this consortium, FMUL, IMM and HSM-CHLN have jointly designed a PhD Programme: The CAML PhD Programme. A programme centred around world-class research projects, which includes a flexible and modular training component.

The research-oriented CAML PhD Programme aims at encouraging clinicians to formulate new questions regarding patients and diseases and bring them to the laboratory. And, conversely, bring questions from the lab to clinical practice. By bringing together medical and non-medical researchers, the program fosters new collaborative approaches and a more effective communication between basic and clinical researchers.

The three institutions, FMUL, IMM and HSM-CHLN, actively participated in the design of the PhD Programme, using existing resources and creating new synergies to promote an attractive and motivating environment for physicians and researchers to develop their doctoral theses. The program is managed by a Management Board and a Scientific Committee, both comprising representatives of the three institutions.

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