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“Gold” metal for differentiated services, awarded by the Ministry of Health (2015)

Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology (Professor Egas Moniz, 1948)

Grand Officer of the Order of St. James of the Sword (1928)      

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon is a public body integrated into the University of Lisbon and enjoys statutory, scientific, pedagogical, cultural, administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy, pursuant to national law and the University’s By-Laws.


The Faculty’s mission is set out in its approved By-Laws: “The training of medical practitioners, teaching and research in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences essential to the promotion of health, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and recovery therefrom, the creation, transmission and dissemination of science, technology and culture, with full respect for intellectual freedom, ethics, recognition of merit and a sense of service to the community”.


To ensure that FMUL is the benchmark institution in national medical teaching and biomedical research and, through the development of the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre, stands as a relevant academic institution in Europe.


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