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FMUL’s Bioethics Centre was established in 1998 and its general goals are to promote the study and dissemination of scientific knowledge, research, train and/or collaborate to training in the field of bioethics and to establish any national and international contact points it may deem necessary:

  • To promote an attitude geared towards the search for knowledge in bioethics, in the scientific and intellectual interdisciplinary exchange between professionals and researchers, think tanks, associations, and national and international companies with similar goals;
  • To cultivate skill, honesty and scientific rigour, maintaining the widest openness to the different currents of thought, models, methodologies and practices;
  • To contribute to ensure permanent and renewed training, with an emphasis on medical aspects.

Undergraduate Training
Subject – Medical Anthropology
Subject – Bereavement in Medicine
Free Course on Care for the Terminally Ill
Free Course on Relational Ethics

Postgraduate Training
Master’s Degree in Bioethics
Master’s Degree in Palliative Care
Postgraduate Refresher Course on “Palliative Care”
Postgraduate Refresher Course on “Bereavement”

Professor António Barbosa

Phone: 217 985 182 | cbioetica@medicina.ulisboa.pt

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